LonTrend Monthly V7 - Alternative Opportunity for LonTrend Pan Tilt Units

LonTrend is well-known as a camera housings provider, its positioning technology is undoubtedly another strong strength. With more than 30-year-experience, LonTrend ever supported a variety of projects with pan tilt units, and have reached to different fields, such as CCTV cameras, telecommunication, broadcasting and solar panel, etc. With a view to satisfying the requirement from the growing number of Pan Tilt Units’ users, LonTrend is going to launch state-of-the-art products in the upcoming brand new year.

Long range surveillance application

PTZ cameras play a big role in wide and long range area surveillance projects. However, under some special conditions like factory, power plant, and battleground, the installation site requires more than two cameras with different features, such as a thermal camera, an optical camera and laser light to monitor the wide area. In this case, pan tilt unit will be your first option which helps you to upload two or three cameras together and upgrade your devices to multi-sensor system.

Antenna and Wifi application

Being a transmitter and a receiver, the antenna is an essential component of all radio equipment, and is widely used in many fields, such as radio broadcasting, mobile telephony, and wireless local area networks, etc. For better operating efficiency of radio wave, the antenna relies much on pan tilt units which help its installation on the tower or on the top of the building. It is noteworthy that thanks to the efforts of the 3GPP, 5G NR SA Completion has passed in June 2018. It is forecasted that 5G will be widely used by 2020. The establishment of 5G base stations will become key constructions worldwide; thus, the demand of positioning equipment will increase.

Solar Panel application

Due to the limitation of energy resources, human being has turned to renewable energy in recent years. Solar energy is one of the examples that LonTrend LTPM06 has been frequently chosen for the project supports. With the Dual-Axis and continuous or non continuous rotation design, the deployment of pan tilt unit gives a hand to receive the solar beams more efficiently because our pan tilt unit changes its position slowly all the time by following the direction of the sun.

Speaker application

Attending a concert or an animated event, audiences enjoy in the pleasant acoustic environment. As sound is a sort of wavelength, sound from different directions will make people feel different, sometimes is good but the other time is bad; thus the art of positioning speaker is an important topic to professionals. By using LonTrend pan tilt units, speakers mounted on the top can change the directions to fulfill everyone’s feeling in activities.

LTPM series support loading capacity up to 80 kg. With customizable pan and tilt range, speed, communication interface, rotate way, etc, we aim to fulfill maximum special applications. We believe that the application of pan tilt units has unlimited opportunities. LonTrend is willing to support anyone who needs mobile solution in different domains.

LonTrend Team